Jenny Perez is a musical prodigy, albeit a proficient singer, a preponderant composer, who brings dexterous touches in song writing, an adroit guitarist and a phenomenal music producer born in Venezuela and now residing in Miami Florida.  Jenny was born into a family band that played music and sang in local churches and concert halls.  Families and friends would get together on special  occasions and holidays to see the Perez Family perform especially at Christmas, Easter, and Birthdays; so therefore Jenny's savvy musical family heritage is an absolute integral to getting acquaintance and liking her ever soul touching velvet soothe vocal and innate musical talent. Bearing in mind of the fact that her intrinsic motivation is so powerful up to the extent that she was already playing guitar-practicing violin and cuatro at an early tender age of five.

Jenny obtained her Florida license in cosmetology and real estate and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business administration from The American Intercontinental University.

Jenny's music career started to flourish with her first single, "My Dream". She was also featured in the summer hit "Party All Night" with Macallee King, Honorebel, Kamar and Troyton Rami and "Kill You With It" with Macallee King and Roxy Sparkle.

Jenny is influenced and inspired by Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Anthony Robins, Oprah Winfrey and Josh Groban and hopes to one day be an inspiration to others like they had been to her.

So stay tuned as we watch her career flourish.  Jenny Perez's efficacious album will be in stores soon.